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The membership of the Greater Little Rock Baptist Church shall consist of the following persons:

   a.  those who accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord; 

   b.  those who are baptized by emersion in the name of the Father, in the name of the Son and in the name of the Holy Ghost; 

   c.  those who are willing to be governed according to the teaching of the Lord at this Church.

The pastor and membership reserve the right, by the aid of the Holy Spirit and teaching of scripture, to determine who shall be a member of the said church. 

This is an autonomous body where decisions are made by the congregation as led by the spiritual overseer (pastor) who is believed to be led by God.  There is a one-person, one-vote rule and matters are decided upon by majority vote, with the exception of making choice of a pastor - in which case a two-thirds majority will be required of the church. 

Any person professing faith, and willing to participate in orientation may be admitted by baptism in the following ways:

       * By way of emersion as recorded in
Matthew 28:19

Any person coming from another church who has not been baptized by emersion must agree to be baptized. 

BY LETTER:  Any person coming from another church of the same faith and in good standing, must come by a letter of recommendation, and be willing to attend the Membership Training Class. 

CHRISTIAN EXPERIENCE:  Any person desiring to unite with this church may give an account of his/her conversion and Christian life.  If previously baptized, he/she can become a member by taking part in the New Members Class. 

BY RESTORATION:  Any person who has held membership in this church, but for some reason of their own stopped attending, may be restored in the following ways.

                 1.  Request.

                 2.  By making personal acknowledgment of their short-coming in their Christian obligation to the church. 

                 3. Upon completion of Orientation class. 

UNDER WATCH-CARE:     Any member of another Christian Church, out of the city, may entrust themselves to be under watch-care of this church.  An applicant must give evidence of their Christian Experience and have been living by the Word of God.  A person coming under watch-care can be taken without the vote of the church, but a welcome handshake from the pastor.  This person would not have voting power nor would be permitted to hold an office. 

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